Professional Ice Fishing Trips from Sturgeon Bay, WI

Guided Ice Fishing | Sturgeon Bay, Door County, WI

We offer guided ice fishing trips around Door County from January to early March.

As soon as the ice on the lake is thick enough to safely drive on we start offering guided ice fishing trips around the entire Door County, WI area. If you are a person who loves outdoors and is looking for fun and rewarding activity during wintertime then ice-fishing may be an excellent choice for you.

Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing Ice Fishing

Our Ice Shacks will keep you warm during your ice fishing adventure.

The Ice Shacks are 8ft x 10ft and can be rented by the day. All shacks come with propane heat. We will take you to the shack and give you help getting started. Includes drilling a reasonable amount of holes in shack and around if needed. Inquire for rates.

We also have nice comfortable Portable Ice Fishing Shacks if we have to move to an area for better fishing.

Guided Ice Fishing Trips from Sturgeon Bay, WI

Authentic Ice Fishing Experience in Door County, WI

Ice Fishing is a fun outdoor activity for anyone in Door County, Wisconsin.

Captain Fritz Peterson has a lifetime of ice fishing experience in Door County, WI.

Regardless if you want to hang out with your best buddies, a loved one or take your whole family for a wintertime adventure - ice fishing can be an exciting experience for everyone.

Ice Fishing

“We really enjoy taking clients from all walks of life on our guided fishing adventures on the lake Michigan. We love seeing the joy it brings to them when they catch a beautiful fish in the middle of winter.”